After a more-than-understandable delay, Netflix has now released Season 2 of its fun, weird Umbrella Academy -- a beautiful adaptation of the fun, weird comic book series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. With an RT score of 91% so far, Season 2 is shaping up to be as much fun as Season 1. We caught the first episode last night and are so looking forward to the rest of the watch.

One of the benefits of working at Weta Digital: Incredible crew posters by Aaron Black

One of the hazards of working in VFX is the chance of catching spoilers for films and shows you're a fan of. Weta Digital has a great spoiler policy for those of us who are not artists: If the viewing of work-in-progress is not required to perform our job, we are allowed to request to avoid meetings where such work will be on display. Still, we in Pipeline are ultimately here to support our creators and sometimes you have to step into spoiler-land. I was doing some support development back in January which required me to see what can only be described as a mega-spoiler for Season 2. While I don't like having something I love spoiled, I admit my first reaction was excitement. Our artists, our supes, our TDs ... I'm such a fanboy. I'm glad my work at Weta is purely technical because I'd be useless in a creative capacity. Notes like "You people are awesome and I can't believe I work here" don't make for great shots.

Our Pogo team for Season 1 produced the frame below which is what stoked my initial excitement for the show. I have not yet read the comics, so with full respect to comic readers who were unhappy with Pogo's portrayal, I absolutely love the character on screen. Gino Acevedo's design, so solidly grounded in real biology, always produces an emotional reaction in me.

Fan opinions were mixed about Pogo in Season 1, but the visual of Pogo was, in my opinion, 100% chef's kiss.

I'm so excited to see what Gino's team has cooked up for the rest of Season 2.

Catch season 2 of Umbrella Academy on Netflix!